Tips for extending the life of your fridge

A refrigerator is a kitchen appliance that can be quite expensive. If you have a good freezer or have just bought one, it is imperative for you to learn how to take care of it so that it lasts longer. Here are a few things you should do that will go a long way to making sure your refrigerator lasts longer while working efficiently.

How you plug it

An extension cord is not advisable to use with a refrigerator. Plug the refrigerators cord directly into the socket on the wall of your kitchen. Avoid using an extension cord at all costs. If you however really have to use one, then please make sure it is an excellent extension cord and that it is rated well enough.


Where your refrigerator is placed or installed matters a lot. It is best to make sure you place them very far away from sources of heat. This can be your microwave, cooker, radiators. If it is close to a window, then ensure that window isn’t the one that lets in a lot of sunshine. Ensure that air can get to the compressor and the cooling coil. Also, take note of the fact that you should never have your fridge on top of a carpet. This is because carpets retain heat. Condensers of many refrigerators these days are found at the bottom of the fridge. This means that the heat would overwork the refrigerator’s compressor.

When to switch off

Sometimes you might need to travel or be away for quite a while. Find a way to keep the refrigerator empty and switch it off. Leaving the refrigerator running for long periods of time can end up damaging it which is why refrigerators these days have the refrigerator guards that you use to plug it into the wall socket. Its purpose is to switch the fridge on and off in intervals and to protect it in case there is a power surge.

Do not overload it

Some people fill their refrigerators with way too much food and this is not good for both the fridge and the food. Essentially, the cold air that the refrigerator produces is meant to circulate inside to keep the food at low temperatures to prevent spoilage. Filling up the fridge too much will make it difficult for this air to move around hence spoilage of the food. Make sure that the interior of your fridge is as clean as possible.…